Pharos PEZ120 EZ GPS Review

Pharos PEZ120 EZ Road GPS Pocket Navigator with 32 MB

The Pharos EZ Road pocket GPS navigator goes everywhere you do, helping you navigate streets and highways anywhere in the U.S. with confidence. The device is so thin and light that it slips easily into your pocket, purse, or briefcase. Once seated in your car, simply place the EZ Road on its windshield or dashboard mount, and it will pinpoint your location, find points of interest, and guide you to your destination using GPS satellites and digital street maps.

The EZ Road's super-wide screen gives you a big picture view of where you're going, guiding you along the easy-to-view street maps and pointing the way with directional arrows. Audible voice-prompts steer you door-to-door with clear turn-by-turn driving instructions. Need to make multiple stops? No problem. The EZ Road's gas-saving, time-shaving Route Wizard creates the optimum route for you, incorporating up to 10 stops along the way. Based on the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system, EZ Road also includes contacts and calendar features. It even has an MP3 player to keep you humming down the road.

Pharos PEZ120 EZ Features include:

  • Driving directions and route guidance by voice, graphics, and text
  • Detailed street-level maps for the U.S.
  • Built-in points-of-interest database
  • Store up to 100 of your favorite destinations and routes
  • Point-to-point routing with up to 10 stops along the route
  • Open up to 10 maps at a time for routing
  • Tap street on the map to show the street name
  • Zoom in and zoom out with stylus or onscreen icons
  • GPS status indicators, with onscreen strength indicator
  • Real-time simulation of route (with GPS disabled)
  • 3 different map-screen view options to suit your preferences
  • Nighttime display for easier viewing
  • Select destinations from favorites, addresses, intersections, and points of interest
  • 3 routing methods: fastest, shortest, or avoid freeways
  • Auto zoom-in/zoom-out before and after each turn
  • Trip-Trace records the route traveled
  • Compass mode with heading, latitude/longitude, altitude, time and direction to destination, and more
  • Use your GPS receiver position as the point of origin
  • 1-touch re-route button; auto re-route option
  • Map moves with you as you travel; selectable North Up or Heading Up for map display
What's in the Box
EZ Road GPS, Ostia navigation software, CD-ROM with U.S. maps, Active Sync CD, PC data cable, DC car charger, USB charging cable, windshield/AC vent holder, 128 MB Secure Digital memory card, quick-start guide, user's manual.

Pharos PEZ120 EZ Description:
The Pharos EZ-Road 500 in-car/pocket GPS solution goes everywhere you do, helping you navigate streets and highways anywhere in the US with confidence.It's so thin and light, you can easily slip it into your pocket or purse and then simple place it on your dashboard once in the car. Using GPS satellites and digital street maps, EZ-Road lets you see where you are, locate points, or set a route to your destination.

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