Humminbird 987 Review

GPS Marine Navigation Systems Reviewed - the Humminbird 987

What can the Humminbird 987 do for you? If you’re heading out to the lake, do not forget to take this awesome piece of technology with you. It delivers supreme location services that you just can not go without. You could, but you won’t have nearly the high quality results as you will have with the 987. Here are some of the features it offers. See how well the Humminbird 987 will fit within your lifestyle.

You can see huge areas of the floor. You can see just about every detail there is to see with this fish finder. This helps you easily find where your prey is hiding!

Another great feature that you can count on with the Humminbird 987 is the 480V by 854H resolution display. Why is this so great? For one, it will be viewable even with direct sunlight hitting the display. On the water, fewer things are more frustrating than the blaring sun on your instruments!

The 987 comes with two different levels of sonar to give you an even clearer view of the bottom.

You can use the built in UniMap to help you track where you are on the USA coastline. It will help you know the details of where you can dock as well with its Novionic Gold Charts.

When you are out on the water, things are always changing. To stay on top of where you are and what’s going on below, use the Real Time Sonar to help you know just what’s going on. It provides constant sonar updates!

Hands free is always nice and that’s what the in dash mount will enable you to have.

You can have the weather and wireless sonar linked accessories.

Freeze frame is a great option. It allows you to freeze and zoom in on an image so that you have a clear eyes view of what’s going on!

Your features on the Humminbird 987 are able to be upgraded by connecting online. You’ll never be far behind!

The Humminbird 987 will give you the tools to get the most out of your fish finding adventure. You have some of the best, super sensitive sonar at your fingertips. You can pinpoint even the smallest things. It is water proofed and won’t sink. It will run on its own or you can control it! Program it. Love it! Consider this one of your most important tools of all time! The fish finders like this one are great pieces that every true fisherman should have.

Consider your purchase of the Humminbird 987 today if you are a professional angler - the ability to view huge areas of the bottom will be invaluable.

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