Garmin GPSMap 60CS GPS Reviews

Garmin GPSMap 60CS 56 MB GPS with Color Display, Digital Compass, and Altimeter

Garmin GPSMap 60CS Product Description:
Enjoy the all-new features this waterproof Garmin handheld GPS has to offer. The electronic compass displays accurate directional readings while standing in place, and the Barometric sensor has an automatic pressure tend recording.

Its 256-color TFT display (2-1/2 dia.) is sunlight-readable, making it much easier to see, and the faster processor with auto routing makes it much more fun to use. Features 56MB of internal memory for storing map details; permanent user data storage; outdoor calendar that lets you store each day's best hunting and fishing times; and a Geo-caching navigation mode.
Amazon customer review:
"The new Garmin 60CS is great. The barometer and compass are easy to calibrate and are fairly well-intergrated with the GPS feature. For instance, there is a configuration option to have the compass switch from GPS to sensor when your speed falls, and it lets you define that speed.

The 60CS comes with a belt clip, which attaches to the unit with a quick-release. You must mount a small bolt (provided) with a lug onto the back of the Garmin, but it's fairly unobtrusive, and is used in Garmin's other mounts (such as the bicycle handlebar mount).

Up here in the hilly, forested Northwest, the Garmin couldn't keep a signal while on the belt clip at a hiking pace. It was VERY good at getting a signal when elsewhere- for instance it got a lock, inside my home, 15 feet from the windows, with a porch outside.

Garmin claims the 60CS is waterproof, and it appears to be so. The buttons are constructed of a heavy rubber, the fit and finish of the unit is excellent, the three jacks (USB, Garmin 4-pin, and external antenna) are covered with a grommet. Also, the battery cover has a locking mechanism and seals the batteries with an O-ring.

The basemap in the Garmin is less than impressive. I'd already purchased MapSource, and was able to install pretty much every map of Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon onto the Garmin's 56 MB of space. The included USB cable is easy to use.

The auto-navigation of this unit works well. It prompts you with a beep about an upcoming turn, and then counts down from 500 feet to the intersection. Sorry, no voice navigation.

I'm a bit concerned about the screen getting scratched. I cut and placed a PDA screen cover on it, but that mucks with the resolution and colors a bit. I'll probably leave it on to protect the screen from scrapes and such.

Like everyone else has said, too bad this doesn't have expandable memory. Makes travelling a little more difficult, unless you bring a laptop along. But that's kind of missing the point- why not use a laptop-based GPS then?

Overall- five stars. Garmin did (most of) their homework on this one."
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" The GPSMAP® 60CS and GPSMAP 60C are new all-purpose units—packed with exciting new features and delivering the kind of color that consumers want in their handheld GPS’s. These lightweight, rugged, waterproof units raise the bar to offer a 256-color, highly reflective display that provides easy viewing in almost any lighting condition. This transreflective TFT provides excellent viewing while maximizing your battery life (20 hours, typical use).

Both the GPSMAP 60CS and GPSMAP 60C are packed with extra features, including rapid automatic route calculation, an integrated outdoor calendar, a dedicated geocaching mode, and indoor/outdoor GPS games that turn the outdoors into a giant gameboard.

The GPSMAP 60CS also offers an electronic compass and barometric altimeter for highland adventures. These sensors, when combined with GPS technology, provide enhanced bearing and elevation readings."

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CNET Customer Review:
"I own several Garmin units and this one is my workhorse. The one handed operation is great for navigating in a vehicle, although I would suggest you go with the vehicle mount if you plan to use it alot. Personally, I like to put it in the cup holder and pick it up like a cell phone when I need to check the screen.

It doesn't talk and I like this because the talking units tend to get on my nerves. This one beeps in different ways depending on how close you are to a turn. Also the unit will display a detailed view of the turn so you can quickly make decisions in the many complicated intersections we have around the US.

Another plus is the automated reroute feature. If you miss the turn it will give you another route to get back on track. This save a bunch of time and provides some safety because you don't have to do anything for this to happen. Just miss the turn and it will provide you with an alternative in a few seconds.

I use it worldwide and maps for the European countries come in one package that is EXPENSIVE. Also, I can only unlock it for two units, so I chose this one and my GPS 10 Bluetooth receiver(See my review).

This unit can easily be a primary GPS for most users. I have an in vehicle Garmin also, but since i am in sales, this come in handy. I usually leave it in my luggage and load it up with the needed maps just prior to each trip. Downloads are quick since it holds only 56 MB. This is enough to cover a week of travel for me. Typically I go to one area each week. For example, I can fit Las Vegas, LA, Orange County, and San Diego. This is about the worst case you would run into for any 1 week of driving. Otherwise, you can probably fit multiple areas in at one time."
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